Talking Kicks with Mike Bibby

Talking Kicks with Mike Bibby

Mike Bibby gives us a look at his extensive Air Jordan PE collection.

Feb 11, 2016 by Brett Pickert
Talking Kicks with Mike Bibby
The interview was taken after Shadow Mountain's (AZ) loss to Mater Dei at the Nike Extravaganza.

Mike Bibby was one of the most-loved point guards in the early 00's with the Sacramento Kings. Bibby, along with Chris Webber, led the team to a first-place finish in the Western Conference in the 2001-02 NBA season. Eventually losing to the two-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals, which til this day is rated one of the best series in history. To add to his successful career, Bibby is one of the biggest figures in the sneaker community.

Going back as far as his days at Arizona, Mike Bibby is what some may call a deity. At Arizona, Bibby was infamous for being one of the first to rock the Nike Air Foamposite. During his NBA career, Bibby wore some of the most coveted Air Jordan PEs the world has seen.

Shadow Mountain Head Coach, Mike Bibby was kind enough to participate in our interview and share photos of his Air Jordan PE collection.

FloHoops: You're famously known for being one of the first to rock Foamposites, but you're not wearing any tonight, how come?
Coach Mike Bibby: I'm a real strict Jordan guy. I'd like to stick with Jordans. I have a few Nikes, but I'm strictly Jordan for life.

We see you're rocking Spizikes on the court. Why not show out in front of the sell-out crowd in a pair of your PEs?
We try and keep the coaches in the same gear. We give the coaches the same outfit, same shoes, to look presentable on the sidelines.

Of all the PEs you've had, with the Kings, Knicks, Hawks, etc. How many of them do you still have?
I have them all. Even the ones I haven't played in, I still got.

Do you still keep in touch with Miles Simon (Another figure in the Foamposite lore and Arizona teammate)?​​
Yeah, his daughter and my daughter are good friends. I came to a few of the volleyball games this year. He travels more than I, but I still see him around.​

We see your son Mike Bibby Jr. rocking Stephen Curry's signature sneaker (Under Armour), why is that?
That's his favorite player.

After the interview, Mike Bibby sent over photos of his Air Jordan PEs and you can few them in the gallery below.

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