Missouri Students Go All Out To Recruit Flo40 No. 6 Kevin Knox

Missouri Students Go All Out To Recruit Flo40 No. 6 Kevin Knox

Missouri students were sure ready to welcome Michael Porter Jr., Kevin Knox, and Blake Harris to campus this weekend.

Apr 8, 2017 by Brett Regan
Missouri Students Go All Out To Recruit Flo40 No. 6 Kevin Knox
It has only been a week since Kevin Knox announced he would be taking an official visit to Missouri this weekend, but it was more than enough time for the student body to come up with a plan. Nothing was going to stop these college kids from making one of the best players in the country feel at home.

Fresh off of a Nike Hoop Summit win for Team USA in Portland on Friday, the Tampa Catholic (FL) wing ranked No. 6 for 2017 made the highly anticipated trip to Columbia to check things out.

He didn't make the cross-country journey alone, either. Flo40 No. 1 Michael Porter Jr. and former Washington commit and point guard Blake Harris went, too.

What was waiting for them was something else.

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Then, after being at Mizzou Arena, the trio went to campus to see it all.

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It's safe to say Missouri is rather passionate about having a dream team next season, which would also include Flo40 big man Jeremiah Tilmon. The entire student body went all out to make that known.