Nike EYBL Division Standings Tighten Up Ahead Of Final Session

Just when teams were starting to create some separation in each division, Nike EYBL Session III took off and decided to change everything. The elite are still at the top, but there are several other squads that made big strides toward their Peach Jam hopes at LakePoint Sporting Community Champions Center over the weekend.


DIVISION A: Record (Division Record)

1. All Ohio Red (OH): 10-2 (4-1)
2. MeanStreets (IL): 8-4 (3-2)
2. New York Lightning (NY): 8-4 (3-2)
4. Team Final (PA): 7-5 (4-1)
5. Spiece Indy Heat (IN): 5-7 (3-2)
5. Oakland Soldiers (CA): 5-7 (2-3)
5. Houston Hoops (TX): 5-7 (2-3)
5. The Family Detroit (MI): 5-7 (2-3)
9. Mac Irvin Fire (IL): 3-9 (1-4)
10. Playground Elite (WI): 1-11 (1-4)

DIVISION B: Record (Division Record)

1. Howard Pulley (MN): 11-1 (4-1)
2. PSA Cardinals (NY): 10-2 (4-1)
3. California Supreme (CA): 9-3 (4-1)
4. Playaz Basketball Club (NJ): 7-5 (4-1)
5. The City Rocks (NY): 7-5 (3-2)
6. New York Rens (NY): 6-6 (3-2)
6. RM5 Elite (TX): 6-6 (1-4)
8. Pro Skills (TX): 4-8 (1-4)
9. Las Vegas Prospects (NV): 3-9 (1-4)
10. Nike Phamily (AZ): 0-12 (0-5)

DIVISION C: Record (Division Record)

1. Team CP3 (NC): 10-2 (4-1)
1. Boo Williams (VA): 10-2 (3-2)
3. E1T1 United (FL): 9-3 (4-1)
4. Team Melo (MD): 7-5 (3-2)
4. CIA Bounce (CAN): 6-6 (4-1)
6. Nike Team Florida (FL): 5-7 (3-2)
6. Nike South Beach (FL): 5-7 (1-4)
8. Seattle Rotary (WA): 3-9 (2-3)
9. UPLAY Canada (CAN): 2-10 (0-5)
10. Portland Basketball Club (OR): 1-11 (1-4)

DIVISION D: Record (Division Record)

1. MOKAN Elite (KS): 9-3 (4-1)
1. Bradley Beal Elite (MO): 9-3 (3-2)
3. Team Penny (TN): 8-4 (4-1)
3. Team Takeover (DC): 8-4 (3-2)
5. BABC (MA): 7-5 (3-2)
5. Expressions Elite (MA): 7-5 (2-3)
7. Mississippi Express (MS): 5-7 (3-2)
8. Georgia Stars (GA): 4-8 (2-3)
9. Southern Stampede (GA): 4-8 (1-4)
10. Team United (NC): 0-12 (0-5)

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