The Official Flo25 EuroLeague Player Rankings

EuroLeague Flo25: Jan Vesely Rounds Out His Game

For the third update of our EuroLeague Flo25 rankings, I shook things up quite a bit.

There are three new players in the top 25, and there’s a new man in the top three. Jan Vesely, mostly known to American fans as a bust with the Washington Wizards, has developed into a great all-around player.

Vesely has always been a high-flyer, but his potential was limited because he lacked skills outside of dunking dudes into oblivion. This season, however, he has made some drastic improvements to his game.

Vesely’s career free throw percentage has consistently been Shaq-level bad, hovering somewhere between 44 and 62 percent. But this season, he has turned his primary weakness into a strength, sinking 24/26 at the line (92.3 percent).

Vesely has also become a really solid passer for a big man. He’s averaging 3.17 assists per game, which is the best among all non-guards. These new elements to his game were enough to convince me to move him up.

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